Main line and general inquires:

(414) 332-1170


Amanda Ball

Religious Studies & Social Studies Teacher
Ext. 206

Jenna Bonofiglio

Spanish Teacher
Ext. 209

Nicole Bray

Director of Finance
Ext. 171

Lauren Cazares

Events Manager
Ext. 173

Bill Crowley

Faculty Emeritus / Historian
Ext. 231

Jayne Desing

Admissions Assistant
Ext. 131

Julie Dlugopolski

Alumni Manager
Ext. 172

Timothy Dries

Band Director
Ext. 480

Jim Fisher

Director of Facilities
Ext. 200

Edward Foy

Ext. 110

Nate Friday

Campus Minister / Religious Studies Teacher
Ext. 216

Rachel Garry

Ext. 140

Leanne Giese

Ext. 100

Dave Gnadt

Social Studies Teacher
Ext. 219

Joseph Grady

Athletic Director
Ext. 192

Gina Grzegorzewski

Assistant Director of Finance
Ext. 121

Christine Hudak

Database Manager / Assistant to President
Ext. 170

Audrey Hutchings

English Teacher
Ext. 170

Jessica Janzer

Art Teacher
Ext. 214

Russ Johnston

Math Teacher
Ext. 223

Pam Keller

Office Manager
Ext. 115

Don Kern

IT Coordinator / Programming Teacher
Ext. 400

Amy Lueck

Math Teacher
Ext. 228

Claudia Martin

Director of Advancement
Ext. 177

Hank Metzger

Facilities Assistant
Ext. 200

Leo Mironovich

French Teacher
Ext. 211

Joan Moroder

Executive Assistant of Academics
Ext. 112

Michael Mueller

Admissions Director
Ext. 130

Pam Mueller

Social Studies Teacher
Ext. 205

Thomas Mueller

Social Studies Teacher
Ext. 213

Vincent Murray

Dean of Students
Ext. 160

Emily Naczek

Religious Studies Teacher
Ext. 212

Sarah Parlier

Choir Director

Joe Pijanowski

Physical Education & Health Teacher
Ext. 208

Megan Renner

Math Teacher
Ext. 422

Brandon Rindfleisch

Science Teacher
Ext. 221

Marissa Riordan

Science Teacher
Ext. 490

Trevor Russell

English Teacher
Ext. 203

Jeff Schaetzke

Theatre Director
Ext. 482

Kevin Schramka

Religious Studies Teacher
Ext. 430

John Schroeder

Art Teacher
Ext. 484

Melissa Senn

Science Teacher
Ext. 225

Ann Setterlun

Spanish Teacher
Ext. 470

Jordan Shutta

School Counselor
Ext. 141

Spencer Smith

Communications Manager
414-332-1170 ext. 174

Jeff Thompson

Math Teacher
Ext. 222

Isabel Utschig

Science Teacher
Ext. 221

Bryn Van Beek

Technology Teacher
Ext. 195

Ben Weiler

English Teacher / Mazzuchelli Academic Center Moderator
Ext. 241

Kristyn Wiencek

English Teacher
Ext. 206

Abby Young

School Counselor
Ext. 142

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