Each year more than 350 students apply to be a part of a freshman class that will consist of about 100 students. Prospective students must complete the admissions process to be considered for the incoming class.

The best way to learn about Dominican is to experience it for yourself. Eighth grade students are encouraged to sign up for a full day Preview experience as soon as possible, and 7th grade students are invited to participate in a Preview day during the spring semester. We will connect you with a current student who will share the day with you. Experience classes, passing periods, lunch, and all other aspects of daily life at Dominican. Parents will also be welcomed to stay for an optional 30 minute information session with current Dominican parents and Administrators.

Applications for the Class of 2024 are now open!

All students who wish to apply to Dominican High School must take our entrance exam. Dominican’s Entrance Exam was written and developed by our teachers to best align the test with our actual curriculum. Because this test is customized to give us the most and best information about how our applicants might do academically at Dominican, we cannot accept entrance exam results from other high schools.

You must have already completed the Dominican High School application to register for an entrance exam.

Transcripts from Grade 7 plus grades from the first quarter of Grade 8 should be submitted to our Admissions Office by December 8, 2019. Applicants must submit this records request form to their school’s main office in order to have the transcripts released.

Complete files are sent to Dominican’s Admissions Committee, which reviews all aspects of the file and makes an admission decision for each applicant. The Admissions Committee considers many factors when making an admission decision including some of those included below:

  • Middle or Grade School Academic Performance
  • Entrance Exam Results
  • Teacher and Staff Recommendations
  • Application Essay
  • Behavior Records
  • Interview Results (if required)

The first admission decisions will be sent out in early January. Each applicant will be notified that the Admissions Committee has made the determination to place his or her application in one of four categories:


Letters of acceptance will include instructions about how and when to register for classes as well as other pertinent information.


A KIC START designation means that the applicant has been accepted on the condition that that he or she successfully completes the KIC START summer academic program. The KIC START program runs from early to mid August, and does require a registration fee above normal tuition.


Each year over 350 students apply for admission to Dominican, but there is space for only approximately 100 students in each freshman class. Unfortunately, this means that not every qualified candidate can be granted admission. For this reason, Dominican establishes a wait list every year. While many students who are placed on the wait list will not be granted admission, it is possible that a limited number of applicants are moved off of the wait list and are granted KIC START or Accepted status.


Because such a large number of students will apply, not every student can be granted admission.

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