There is no other place like Dominican. “School” doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to define what Dominican is. Six decades of North Shore determination, Catholic partnership, scientific ingenuity, Sinsinawa guidance, artistic expression and bold resilience have created a community that is unique in its mission and unmatched in its effectiveness.

Dominican Knights know the value of being challenged to lead, pushed to excel and invited to belong. In the moments that matter most, living the Knight Life means being called to an education focused on the success of every student in a community that is much more than a school. Dominican Knights know that living the Knight Life means being part of a family.

Hear from our current Knights and their families.


Dominican produces the best.

The Dominican mission is alive in the halls of our school, made real in our students through the focus, work, and love of our expert faculty and staff. That mission defines what we do every day: provide the best education using the model of Christ to meet the academic, moral, social, and emotional needs of each individual student.


Dominican students get the most out of each moment.

Dominican students are known by name, by need, and by gift. Because we have the optimal number of students, we invite all students to participate in the meaningful moments that allow them to grow into their full potential. Dominican graduates have conquered college level academic rigor, have completed an integrated service program, have master advanced technology skills, and have learned to embrace new perspectives. The Dominican curriculum is carefully tuned to intersect with the gifts of our students along with the demands of life after high school.


Dominican families know that now matters most.

Dominican is a family. We grow together. We meet challenges together. We celebrate success together. This family is guided by teachers who have made Dominican students their life’s calling. In a community that defines success one student at a time, and with a faculty that believes that all students should have the access, attention, and opportunity to get what they need to flourish during these critical years of development, Dominican is the ideal environment for middle school students to grow into adults.

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