VERITAS Student Reflection
April, 2015

Student speaker: Allie Giese ’16

Since the day we were born we have been given choices. In the beginning stages of life, most all of our choices were made for us by our parents and family members. Slowly, as we have become more independent, our ability to make choices on our own continues to increase. As high school students, we help decide the courses we select, we choose our sense of fashion, the extra-curriculars we get involved in, as well as who we choose to spend our time with. Our decision making will drastically increase when we graduate, while we’re in college and as we move into the world of adulthood. Ultimately, our lives are, and will, continue to be guided and formed by the choices we make.

An important choice that each of us has to make is the commitment to our faith.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus told the people that whoever believes in him will have eternal life. Jesus said “I am the bread of life…whoever eats this bread will live forever.”

When you reflect on those words….What did Jesus mean by choosing to eat the bread?

Dominican High School provides us with a strong understanding and foundation of the Catholic faith. Through our religion courses, yearly retreats, monthly Mass and campus ministry activities we are given countless opportunities to help us make the choice whether or not to eat “the bread of life.” This choice is ours to make.

We have the choice of listening to God and learning from him. We can make the choice to truly believe in Jesus, to understand his words and to actually accept the bread and live our life in a way which pleases our Lord.

The choice to eat the bread is one we need to personally commit to every day. We need to make choices that will keep us on the right track. Choosing good over bad, being the person who brings positive change instead of negative opposition. Through his words, we know that through the Grace of God we can find the strength to make the choices that will transform us and lead us to everlasting life.

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