Advent Reflection

Margo Cushman ’19, a member of our Veritas Preaching Team, reflects on the season of Advent and the theme of this first week: Hope.

Wish upon a shooting star. Blow out your birthday candles and make a wish. The things that we wish for are oftentimes the deepest longings and desires of our hearts. Some of these wishes may be realistic, others are not.

Most often, our wishes do not come to fruition as the things, ideas, or experiences that we long for are not realistic. But, the hopes of our hearts have more potential than a wish ever will. Hope is the feeling when we believe that what we desire can actually happen. The hopes that we have for ourselves, our children, or our world may be difficult, but they are possible.

The same holds true for our hope in Jesus. Advent begins with this hope; the hope that is trusting in Jesus’ salvation. The hope of Advent goes beyond as it is a time to remember that the salvation God promised throughout history has already come.

Rather than wishing for Jesus’ presence in our lives, hope for his love and trust in the salvation that he offers. As we light the first Advent candle this week, we also light a candle of hope for Jesus in our hearts.

I hope that you have a blessed Advent.

– Margo Cushman ’19, Dominican Veritas Team

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