The Knights Interdisciplinary Curriculum (KIC) program offers freshmen a guided transition into the Dominican family, while integrated the academic experiences of students in four different fields of study; English, Religion, Social Studies and Technology. Each day, KIC teachers meet to discuss how each student’s specific needs can be met to develop unique talents and give support where needed, taking an individualized approach to instruction. The KIC program will:
  • Offer students the best possible academic program.
  • Provide all students will the academic skills needed to succeed in a rigorous college preparatory program.
  • Breakdown the social boundaries normally associated with a high school transition.
  • Integrate cutting edge technology into tradition academic programs.
  • Identify struggling students and design academic support programs to help them succeed.
  1:1 Laptop Program Dominican High School strives to provide students and teachers with the technological resources needed to offer an exceptional, Catholic, college preparatory education for the 21st century. Dominican High School’s technological advances include issuing each freshman student a laptop, which will stay with them throughout their four years. The 1:1 laptop program allows teacher to fully integrate technology into the classroom providing expansion for collaborative learning and building the technology and literacy skills necessary for college. Knight Life Dominican’s Knight Life program is focused on making the transition to high school as smooth as possible. Current juniors and seniors work with school leadership to provide regular support for freshmen. Knight Life members meet each week to discuss the needs of the freshman class. From academic issues to social development, Knight Life members offer 9th graders wisdom, support, and guidance. Dominican freshmen can feel comfortable getting involved, meeting new people, and becoming acclimated to a college preparatory academic work load knowing that the Knight Life team is standing behind them.