Dear Prospective Families,

For over 50 years, Dominican High School has offered its students a rigorous, top-level college preparatory education in a safe, inviting Catholic community. While thousands of students have passed through our halls, each new student has the opportunity and responsibility to create school culture. We are blessed to be part of the astounding growth that we see every year in our students, and we are excited to invite you to witness that growth as you explore the opportunities Dominican can create for you.

As you proceed through the admissions process, we recommend that you take note of a few important things that make the Dominican experience particularly unique and valuable.

First, we are proud to say that we offer an academic experience that is beyond compare. Although our current students aren’t always excited by the work load they face every day, our alumni come back over and over again to tell us how they feel significantly more prepared to succeed in college than their peers. We aren’t surprised. After all, Dominican graduates are regularly accepted at the most prestigious universities in the country, and they are offered millions of scholarship dollars to attend those schools.

Second, all Dominican students are offered opportunities to grow into leaders. Inclusivity becomes evident for our students during their freshman year as they discover that rather than being cut from the team, sitting on the sidelines, or disappearing into the crowd, they can immediately make an impact. Every school will tell you to discover your talents and take advantage of opportunities in high school, and at Dominican we can make sure you have access to those opportunities from the beginning. We encourage you to not only listen to the phrases and slogans that schools use to describe their typical student and typical experience, but ask you to truly consider which school will allow you to create your ideal experience.

Finally, whenever we ask Dominican students what they like best about the school, they almost always say “it just feels like home.” Our student body comes from over 60 middle and grade schools from all over Southeastern Wisconsin. On the first day of freshman year, everyone is trying to figure out how and where they fit. This means that there is no “typical” Dominican student, and without “insiders,” there are no “outsiders.” Seniors look out for freshmen, students feel compelled to try new things, and everyone eventually realizes that they can safely be whoever they are without being judged. This is all built on top of the Catholic values instilled in the school by the Sinsinawa Dominican sisters. Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community, and Partnership are the key elements in Dominican’s DNA. For our students this all adds up to an inviting, comfortable experience that reminds them of home.

It is a true pleasure to be a part of a community like Dominican. There really is no other school that offers an elite educational experience without the social stratification that so often comes with it. Dominican students can’t wait to share their faith, their talents, their minds, and their hearts on a daily basis. If you think that Dominican might be a good fit for your family, please explore our website and contact us at any time. The admissions process can be daunting, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Ben Weiler
Director of Admissions
Phone: 414-332-1170 x130

Jayne Desing
Admissions Assistant
Phone: 414-332-1170 x131

FAX: 414-332-4101