The Student Resource Center (SRC) provides services and resources for qualifying students who need additional academic skill reinforcement (Applied Learning Strategies class). The SRC also coordinates services for students with documented learning disabilities or special learning needs.

Special Needs Accommodations: The SRC coordinates classroom accommodations for students who have been medically diagnosed with mild learning disabilities or other learning issues. Accommodations are provided based on medical/psychological test information provided to Dominican by the student’s parent or guardian, previous school district, or independent psychologist/psychiatrist. Accommodations may include organizational assistance, extended time on tests, or other accommodations as indicated within their Dominican Accommodation Plan.

For more information on how to obtain long or short term accommodations at Dominican, please download SRC Form A.

For more information on how to obtain accommodations on standardized tests please download SRC Form B.

For an example of what type of report a doctor would provide in order to receive long term accommodations at Dominican please download SRC Form C.

Applied Learning Strategies Course: Freshmen and sophomore students that are assigned to the SRC will work 1 on 1, and in small groups to improve their work habits and study skills. Placement in this course is made by recommendation from DHS Administration only. For more information on this program please contact our Director of Student Programs, Vinnie Murray, at