Guidance and Counseling

Dominican’s Guidance and Counseling Department work with each student and family to help navigate the academic, personal, social, and emotional experiences that occur throughout the teenage years.  Our program is designed to be proactive and always focuses on the total growth of the student.

Our guidance and counseling team provide 1:1 meeting opportunities for all families each year, and are available to meet outside of these specific meeting times as needed.  Our guidance and counseling department provide services and support in the following major areas: College Services, Academic Advisement, Social-Emotional/Mental Health Counseling and Guidance, and Standardized Testing.

Social-Emotional/Mental Health Counseling and Guidance

Our guidance team is available during the school day for any student who may be struggling with a variety of stressors.  Students are free to seek out a counselor at any time during the school day.  We encourage parents to share concerns they may have regarding their child with her/his respective counselor, which will better help us to serve the student.  Below are some resources that are available for families in need of support outside of the school day:

  • RedGen is a resource for families that are looking for information regarding teenage mental health services as well as resources on how to help your student navigate high school
  • Crisis Line
    Hotline available 24/7.
    Provides immediate emergency counseling and referral information.

College Services

Our Guidance and Counseling Department has created an extensive 4-year college planning program for each student that begins freshmen year with some initial planning/college research and culminates senior year with a final decision regarding their post-secondary education. Specific information regarding our College Research and Application Program can be found on our College Research Home Page.


Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement at Dominican occurs in two intentional ways;

  1. 4 year academic plans will be discussed through the 1:1 meetings our students and families will have with their counselor.
  2. Each February students will have the opportunity to sit with their counselor to discuss schedule options for the following school year
  3. During the course of the school year students are able to discuss academic concerns/ planning with their counselor. Counselors are able to make suggestions for improving a student’s current achievement level through a variety of strategies.


Standardized Testing

The Dominican High School Testing Program aligns with the ACT standardized test.  Students at Dominican will follow the following testing sequence:

Freshmen Year:  Practice ACT (Spring)

Sophomore Year: Practice ACT (Spring)

Junior Year: Practice ACT or PSAT in the fall and a live ACT in February

Senior Year: Students and Parents will work with their counselor to weigh the pros and cons of taking a live ACT Senior Year.  Students may choose to take the ACT but the test will not be organized or mandated through the Dominican testing program.

In addition to the tests listed above, students in our Advanced Placement (AP) classes will take the AP test for that class at the end of the school year.  More information on AP testing can be found here  For information on AP classes offered at Dominican please click here.

Here are some helpful links;

Free on line Test Prep:

Other test prep options that have a cost associated with them:


Meet Our Counselors

Dean of Students and School Counselor

Mr. Vincent Murray
School Counselor for Seniors
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 160

School Counselor

Ms. Abby Young
School Counselor for Juniors and Seniors
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 142


Mrs. Rachel Garry
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 140

School Counselor

Ms. Caitlyn Cheslock
School Counselor for Freshmen and Sophomores
International Student Administrator
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 141