Dominican High School provides young adults with a co-educational Catholic college-preparatory experience based on the teachings of Jesus. Our faith-driven school community fosters spirituality and creativity, respects uniqueness and diversity, and encourages intellectual, social, physical and artistic development. We commission our students to develop a heightened sense of social responsibility and respect for human dignity based on the values articulated by the Sinsinawa Dominicans: Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community and Partnership.

2016-2017 Enrollment

  • 355 students from 40 parochial, private and public schools


  • 36 faculty members
  • 55% hold advanced degrees
  • 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • Average Class Size: 18

Graduation Requirement/Curriculum

Credits Subject
4.0 Religion *
4.0 English
3.0 Mathematics
3.0 Science
3.0 Social Studies
1.0 Physical Education
2.0 World Languages
1.0 Fine Arts
0.5 Computers
4.5 Electives
26 Total Credits
* Religion requirement corresponds to years in Catholic high school. Students transferring in from public schools are required to earn 26 total credits for graduation.

Grading Scale: Letter Grade/Grade Point/Percentage

A 4.00 100-95
A- 3.67 94-93
B+ 3.33 92-91
B 3.00 90-87
B- 2.67 86-85
C+ 2.33 84-83
C 2.00 82-79
C- 1.67 78-77
D+ 1.33 76-75
D 1.00 74-70
F 0.00 69-0


Students and Parent/Guardian(s) are given access codes to the Powerschool attendance and grading system at the start of each school year. Grading information is maintained regularly throughout the school year by individual teachers. Powerschool serves as a real-time progress report for all students.


Naviance is an online college and career readiness platform which allows students and families to make informed decisions about their options by comparing colleges and universities, exploring scholarship opportunities, tracking college applications, and a variety of other college research materials. Naviance helps students and families connect what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers based on their personal skills and areas of interests. Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize our students’ success, enhances our guidance productivity, and heightens our overall ability to match colleges and universities to a student’s career interests, or comparing admissions rates at a student’s top college choice.

Advanced Placement Courses

Dominican’s Advanced Placement curriculum is certified by the College Board. AP courses are year-long and follow guidelines to prepare students to take the AP tests in May. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take AP subject tests. Colleges may grant full academic credit for students who successfully complete AP courses and receive high scores on the AP exams. Current Advanced Placement courses at Dominican High School include:
  • AP Language & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Biology
  • AP United States History
  • AP European History
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Computer Programming
  • AP United States Government & Politics
  • AP Psychology
  Other courses that prepare students for the AP exam:
  • French IV Advanced and French V Advanced

Additional Facts

Type: Catholic College Preparatory Grades: 9-12 President: Leanne Giese Principal: Edward Foy Admissions: Ben Weiler and Jayne Desing Dean of Students: Vinnie Murray