Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling

Dominican focuses on the holistic development of each student, from academic to personal growth. Hence, the Guidance Department directs its efforts toward facilitation of the complete development of each individual.

Guidance Functions
The core function of the guidance program is counseling. School counselors assist the student in working toward his/her growth in the areas of educational, career and personal-social concerns. This service is provided through individual contacts, group procedures and support groups.

Because guidance involves the total development of the individual, all school staff members are part of the program. The Guidance Department provides the threads that bind the program together and helps the student to be more independent in his/her judgments and decisions. The Guidance Department also may consult with teachers, administrators, parents and community agencies that provide special services required by some students.

Role of the Counselor
The guidance counselor assists with several areas of student life: academic, college planning and personal development. Dominican has two full-time guidance professionals on staff:


Director of Guidance & Counseling

Mrs. Diana Stellhorn
School Counselor for Seniors, Juniors M-Z, Sophomores M-Z
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 142


School Counselor

Ms. Lindsey Price
School Counselor for Freshmen, Sophomores A-L, Juniors A-L and International Students
(414)-332-1170 Ext. 141